Modifying the Purchase Value Reporting

How to change the overall Purchase Value reporting with Win Ads


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Win Ads offers an advanced option that you can use to modify the Purchase value that is sent with all Purchase events.

The standard value reporting sends the full amount that the customer paid with each Purchase event. So that includes the price for the products, taxes, shipping, and takes into consideration any coupon discounts that were applied.

It's very simple: The Purchase value shows what the customer paid at checkout.

If you wish, you can enter a percentage value in the advanced settings tab to report a reduced value amount instead of the full value (100% = default).

Why would you want to do this?

Two simple examples:

Let's say you want to take out the average cost of products and fulfillment so you can see in your Facebook reports more directly what your actual ROAS is, and how the ad spend relates to the revenue in your pocket.

If you determine that your average cost of goods plus fulfillment is say 30%, you could enter "70" in that field in the Advanced Settings. Then all Purchase events will show as 70% of the actual total value in Facebook (from thereon out... changes to pixel events cannot be applied to past events.)

Another common application is to simply send less than the actual value to Facebook, to test if you will get cheaper traffic if you don't reveal the full amount of revenue that you get from your ads. A common setting for this case would be to use "10" - that will report only 10% of the actual full transaction value. 10% makes it very easy for you to calculate the actual ROAS and Conversion Value, by just moving the decimal point in your head when you look at the ads reports on Facebook.

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